Pilot Project

iSessioner's Tutoring, Learning and Collaboration (TLC) website is ready to be tested in Community Wide Education Network Platform (CWEN) pilot projects. The best way to pilot the projects is for it to be tested from our server (hosted) by a reservation school, a rural school, a suburban school, an urban school, homeschooling, and any non profit or agency that educates the disconnected youth, the homeless, refugees, foster students, juveniles or adults.

  1. The pilot projects can run for one month to one full school year.
  2. iSessioner will be responsible for setting up each CWEN.
  3. Each participant will be responsible for registering for the CWEN.
  4. Each participant will be responsible for adding their content to the CWEN.
  5. The participants will be the owners of their content added to the CWEN.
  6. iSessioner will be allowed to collect data for internal business usage only.
  7. iSessioner may require participants to complete an online survey or answer questions.
  8. The participants will be provided support through Edu Online Service's Online Help Services.
  9. Any costs will be by a mutual agreement between iSessioner and their partner(s).
  10. At the end of the pilot project the participants will need to complete an online survey.
  11. At the end of the pilot project the participants will conduct one on one interviews in person or online with and interviewer for a case study..
  12. Any information that is not listed here currently can be added or removed by a mutual agreement between iSessioner and their pilot project partner(s).
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